Services & Techniques

Dr. Martin uses a variety of safe, effective and gentle techniques to work with a wide range of health problems. Ask about our"non-force" treatments. She will discuss specific treatment options with you personally to fit your needs specifically.

We find that most health problems are due to three main causes:

Stress can cause adrenal gland fatigue which can cause hormone imbalance of over 50 hormones.

Undetected Nerve Damage
When the nerve becomes damaged whether it was from an accident, injury, fall, etc., it causes compression on the nerves that can cause pain and disfunction.

Toxins in our food, air, and water can affect our bodies function due to regular exposure to them. Heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, and lead are just some substances that we are exposed to. To find out more, ask about our free toxicity test.

In-office we can perform a Ragland's Test to determine whether or not your adrenal glands are fatigued. We offer a heavy metal test to determine toxicity in your body, and Dr. Martin can perform a spine examination to determine undetected nerve damage.

Is Stress Affecting Your Health?

Stress could be affecting your health more than you know. There are 7 Common Symptoms of Stress:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Sleep Problems (insomnia, inability to fall asleep , waking up frequently throughout the night, etc.)
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Pain
  • Allergies/Sinus Problems
  • Digestive Problems

Come in today and let us see if we can help. Symptoms are nevernormal because it is your bodies way of communicating with you that there is a problem.