Meet the Friendly Staff at Our Office

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Massage Therapist

Lisa is our onsite massage therapist. She has 12 years of experience in integrated trigger point and medical massage. Most insurances cover massage in our office so schedule an appointment to come in and see Lisa... She will make you feel wonderful!

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Office Administrator

Crystal keeps the office running smoothly! Not only is she in charge of the front desk (answering phones and scheduling appointments), but she also handles billing and assists with x-rays. Crystal does a little bit of everything so don't be surprised to see her fluttering around!

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Claims Representative

Tina has been with Dr. Martin from the beginning. While she certainly can "do it all", Tina handles the auto insurance claims. She acts as the liaison between our office, your attorney and the auto insurance company. She also assists those who need to make special payment arrangements. Tina also is our insurance investigator! If claims are not paid in a timely fashion, she will contact your insurance company and investigate.