"I had severe back pain that went down my leg to my foot. Before my treatment I could barely walk...now I can run. The treatment was painless. Dr. Martin did wonders for me."
- Adrian D.

"Dr. Martin and her staff are absolutely terrific! The staff is friendly and courteous; follows up periodically, and the doctor was the first chiropractor that actually listened to what I said and treated me accordingly. She's thorough, sympathetic while professional; and kind to boot. I highly recommend her!"
- Susan J.

"I met Dr. Martin through a recommendation. I find her to be a very warm, loving and caring person. She is very concerned about your problem. She takes all the time to listen to you and you never feel as if you are rushed.

When I went to Dr. Martin, I had very severe lower back pain due to herniated discs, sciatic pain going down my leg into my shin, and was not able to work or sleep.

I am a person who can't take all those medications and shots. I need Dr. Martin. I am now able to work and sleep through her manipulations. She is very gentle with her treatments and very professional. I thank God for Dr. Martin, she is my miracle worker. I recommend her to everyone!

Thank you Dr. Martin for helping me."
- Bessie A.

"I'm in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy with my second child. I highly recommend that all pregnant women get adjusted throughout their pregnancy. I got adjusted regularly while expecting my first child. Keeping my spine and pelvis aligned helped me feel good, helped the baby be well-positioned, and helped me have a smooth labor. I had a natural and healthy delivery, only 2 hours after getting to the hospital.

In this pregnancy I was having significant pelvic pain which has drastically improved since my visits with Dr. Martin. I think it's very important for the health of both Mother and baby to get adjusted during pregnancy."
- Melissa B.